Council Faculty


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Fields of Interest
Ayesha Ramachandran's picture Ayesha Ramachandran
Associate Professor of Comparative Literature
Phone: +1 (203) 432-2745
Early modern European literature and cultural history; Renaissance poetry; history of science and technology (sixteenth and seventeenth century); cartography and literature; early modern empires and international law; history of philosophy; Europe and the Indo-Islamic world
Bill Rankin's picture Bill Rankin
Associate Professor
EM 110
The physical and earth sciences since the mid-19th century; military, industrial, and governmental science; history of cartography; science and architecture; visual studies; environmental history
Carolyn Roberts's picture Carolyn Roberts
Assistant Professor
Medicine and slavery in the Atlantic world; race, medicine, and science; history of medicine in Africa and the African diaspora; health and protest in African American history; non-Western medicine and global health.
Douglas Rogers's picture Douglas Rogers
Professor of Anthropology
10 Sachem Street, Room 311
Phone: +1 (203) 432-8046
Political and economic anthropology; natural resources (especially oil) and energy; the anthropology of religion and ethics; cultural production; historical anthropology; and socialist societies and their postsocialist trajectories
Claire Roosien's picture Claire Roosien
Assistant Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures
Modern Russian and Eurasian History and Culture, Islamic History and Culture, Medieval and Modern Central Asia, Modern Middle East, Gender History and Theory.