Vinay Sriram

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Vinny is a junior in Jonathan Edwards College majoring in Ethics, Politics, and Economics with certificates in Spanish and Data Science. On campus, he was involved in the international relations organization and is a member of the Jonathan Edwards College Council. Furthermore, he works as a research assistant at the Law School and the Department of Political Science, focusing on international law and political economy. He also works as a library peer mentor, leading workshops on research skills and citation management techniques. He is particularly interested in democratic theory (particularly participatory and deliberative democracy) and the failings of current ‘democratic’ governments to serve the needs of their citizens. He is passionate about researching the possibilities of reforming democratic institutions to involve direct citizen involvement. After Yale, he hopes to explore these fields further at Law School and Graduate School. Outside of research and classes, he enjoys spending time with friends, walking around campus, and napping.

Ethics, Politics, and Economics / Jonathan Edwards College
Fields of Interest: 
Participatory Democracy, Deliberative Democracy, Democratic Backsliding