Tomás Fuchs-Lynch

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Tomás Fuchs-Lynch is a Linguistics major in the class of 2026. His multilingual background and work in theater, which he continues to do at Yale, inform an interest in the study of meaning. By incorporating concepts from semantics and pragmatics with performance theory, he hopes to develop a holistic understanding of how humans create and convey meaning, linguistically and otherwise. He is particularly interested in examining the language, art, and media of Post-War Italy, a period in which the transition out of fascism led to an outpouring of new ideas and art. Tomás is also interested in studying Italy’s diversity of dialects and the socio-political role they play.

Linguistics / Jonathan Edwards College
Fields of Interest: 
Semantics, Pragmatics, Performance Theory, Translation Theory, Semiotics, Indo-European and Romance Linguistics, Post-War Italy