Steven Zhang

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My name is Steven Zhang and I am a current junior studying Economics and Global Affairs. I have developed a keen interest in the intricate geopolitical dynamics surrounding the Nordic countries. Fascinated by their unique blend of cultural heritage, economic prowess, and environmental stewardship, I am drawn to exploring the nuances of their relationships on the world stage.

My curiosity extends beyond traditional diplomatic interactions to encompass the niche specialties that distinguish each Nordic nation. Whether it’s Denmark’s leadership in renewable energy and sustainable urban development, Sweden’s innovation in technology and design, Norway’s expertise in maritime industries and resource management, Finland’s excellence in education and technology, or Iceland’s focus on geothermal energy and environmental conservation, I am captivated by the strategic significance of these specialties and their impact on regional cooperation and global partnerships.

Global Affairs and Economics / Davenport College
Fields of Interest: 
Nordic Countries and Atlantic Islands (Madeira, Faroe, Azores, Iceland)