Oleksii Antoniuk

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Global Affairs (prospective) / Grace Hopper College

 Born and raised in Ukraine, Oleksii is a first-year student in Hopper who hopes to major in Global Affairs. He currently conducts international security risk and intelligence analysis for a member of the Ukrainian Parliament and assists Professors Rosenbluth and Shapiro in their political science research. Oleksii’s passion for international relations stems from his dedication to mitigating security-related threats to democratic and liberal values in Eastern Europe and beyond.
Oleksii also coordinates the Yale International Relations Association’s outreach to Yale and other universities’ student organizations. Being a low-income student himself, Oleksii mentors other low-income students from Ukraine in US college admissions, helping them fulfill their education dreams. He also loves learning new languages, currently studying Chinese, his fifth one.

Fields of Interest: 
International Security, Interstate Conflicts, Hybrid Warfare; EU, Eastern Europe, the Black Sea region