Nikhe Braimah

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Nikhe is a junior in Branford College studying History with a focus on Social Change and Social Movements.

He is interested in race, migration, diaspora, and social policy in postcolonial Western Europe. His coursework has explored the effects of decolonization on European social policy, and as a Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellow, he researches the role of West African immigrants in transforming postcolonial remembrance politics in the United Kingdom. His academic work primes him to contextualize contemporary immigrant crises, social inequalities, and global power imbalances through a lens of colonial and postcolonial violence, diplomacy, and memory.

Nikhe also serves as the Editor at Large for the Yale Historical Review and as a research assistant at the Institute of Social and Policy Studies and the Yale School of Public Health. Outside of his academic interests, Nikhe works on housing and homelessness justice projects on a local and national level, performs slam poetry with WORD: Performance Poetry at Yale, and writes for the Yale Literary Magazine. In his free time, you can find him jogging through East Rock, trying new coffee shops, and re-watching Succession.

History / Branford College
Fields of Interest: 
Postcolonial history, social and economic history, Western Europe