Michelle Chow

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Ph.D. Student

Michelle Chow is a PhD student in English and Film, and a graduate fellow at the Center for the Study of Race, Indigeneity, and Transnational Migration at Yale University. Her current research looks broadly at how 20th and 21st literature and film mobilize aesthetics and archives to represent and redress historical and ongoing violence within the structures of global racial capitalism. In addition to Anglophone works, she is particularly interested in French and Italian cinema, the roots of European capitalism, and the revolutionary tradition. Last year, she co-organized an interdisciplinary graduate conference on reproductive justice. Her criticism has been published in Film Comment, The Oxonian Review, and The Chicago Review.

English and Film & Media Studies
Fields of Interest: 
Violence, Capitalism, Race, Labor, Globalization, War, Gender and Sexuality, Poetics, Environment, US, Europe, Asia