Kayla Nuss

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MA Student

My academic background in art history, reception studies, and hermeneutics in relation to the Divine Feminine and women in the New Testament is demonstrated by my Senior Thesis, Reclaiming Mary Magdalene to Claim Women’s Leadership in Christianity. Here is where I studied Pauline epistles to the Roman Empire and analyzed the erasure of women in authority and women in scripture caused by the Roman Empire. I have researched Magdalene’s ministry and influence across Europe including Italy, France and Ireland. My research also includes the feminist theory of a feminine God including the Virgin Mary and Roman Catholicism belief of Mary as “Mother of Heaven” in worship, architecture, and art history. Through my various projects and artwork, I will expand the narrative of biblical women in authority and the Female Divine using the lenses of feminist theologies and artistic representations.

Yale Divinity School
Fields of Interest: 
Pauline epistles to the Roman Empire, A.D. 57-59, relics of Mary Magdalene in 1279 in the south of France, 18th century Ireland