Jordan Akers

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Comparative Literature / Branford College

Jordan is a sophomore in Branford College majoring in comparative literature. He is primarily interested in the role of the physical world within literary texts and how differences in geography, time, and language impact a text’s portrayal of the natural environment. He enjoys reading English, French, German, and Ancient Greek literature from an ecocritical perspective and examining how mythos influences a text’s representation of the non-human. Outside of class, Jordan is an editor for the Yale Environmentalist and a teacher and board member for the Environmental Education Collaborative. In these groups he enjoys complementing his academic work by engaging with environmental issues outside of the literary world. He also sings with the Yale Glee Club and the Opera Theatre of Yale College.

Fields of Interest: 
Ecocriticism, Myth criticism, Classical reception, Romanticism, English, French, German, and Ancient Greek literature