Jamila Jaxaliyeva

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Master of Forestry Student

Jamila is a Master of Forestry student at the Yale School of the Environment. Her research interests encompass extensive livestock production systems and nomadic pastoralism in the Eurasian Steppe. This summer, she will investigate soil and water toxicity around former Soviet military sites and adjacent pastures in West Kazakhstan. Raised in Germany with a Kazakh father and Russian mother, Jamila’s multicultural background informs her research. Before coming to Yale, she excelled in entrepreneurship and sports, managing an international livestock business and becoming Kazakhstan’s first professional golfer. With a background in mathematics from the University of Geneva and biology from Arizona State University, Jamila endeavors to reshape the field through her interdisciplinary approach and dedication to discovering environmentally and socially sustainable, as well as profitable, solutions for agricultural production in the steppe.

School of the Environment
Fields of Interest: 
Ecology, Agriculture, Forestry - Eurasian Steppe, West Kazakhstan