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Ethan Chiu is a sophomore at Grace Hopper College from Long Island, NY studying Global Affairs and History. He is currently working with the Kerry Initiative as a Kerry Fellow researching global clean energy deployment, particularly focusing on how Russia’s invasion of Ukraine impacted clean energy initiatives, the DOD Information Strategy Research Center on developing cyber conflict and disinformation theories, and the National Defense University on examining PRC perceptions in the Middle East, particularly in Turkey. This past summer, Ethan conducted research with the Cambridge Security Initiative in the UK, evaluating how Russian cyber operations amidst its invasion of Ukraine have affected Taiwan’s responses to PRC offensive cyber operations. Ethan has previously published pieces on US-UK imperial role reversals and how rifts in the US-UK-Japan trilateral relationship brought about WWII. On campus, Ethan is the President and Co-founder of the Yale Foreign Policy Initiative, where he has spearheaded projects with the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency mapping Russian influence in Africa, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace evaluating Russian influence in Central Asia, and the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute tracking autonomous weapons system deployment. He also leads a team of 20 international correspondents reporting from the UK, Ukraine, Iceland, Ireland, Denmark, Armenia, and elsewhere as the International Liaison for the Yale Review of International Studies. He has previously worked at the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, the American Enterprise Institute, and the Department of Defense, focusing on humanitarian AI, Taiwan, and semiconductor issues. Ethan also has an extensive background in data analysis, machine learning, stem cell development, CRISPR gene editing, affordable healthcare advocacy, and clean water issues. He is proficient in Spanish and Mandarin.

Global Affairs and History / Grace Hopper College
Fields of Interest: 
Energy security, Cyber conflict, Emerging technologies, Humanitarianism, UK, Russia, Ukraine, Great power competition