Elisa Crabeil

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Ph.D Student

Elisa Crabeil completed both a MA in French literature at the University of Rennes II in 2016 and a MA in translation at the University of Paris VIII in 2017. They have worked for multiple years as a translator in the humanities, arts and literature. In 2021, their co-translation with Sarah Raquillet of Helene Bukowski’s German novel Milchzähne was published in France (as Les Dents de Lait, Editions Gallmeister).

In their masters, Elisa considered questions of language, identity, and subjectivity in the novels of Christine Brooke-Rose, as well as issues raised by the translation of lesbian texts. Their work at Yale explores the circulation, translation and reading practices of queer texts across francophones and anglophone geographic and cultural spaces in the 20th and 21st century.

Fields of Interest: 
France and Francophone spaces, Germany