Camila Marcone

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Ph.D Student

Camila Marcone is a PhD student in the Medieval Studies Program. She is a Dean’s Emerging Scholar and a 2021-2022 Whitney Humanities Center Fellow in the Environmental Humanities. Camila’s research is focused on the environmental history of late-medieval Iberia. Her ongoing research projects revolve around two key questions: How did small and mid-size town governments manage environmental resources in the late medieval Castile? How are medieval literary sources about nature appropriated for military and expansionist purposes during the early colonial period? She has presented research at the Renaissance Society of America and the Schoenberg Institute for Manuscript Studies. She is also interested in the science of teaching and learning.

When not doing research you can find Camila volunteering for the Yale Interpretation Network and shooing squirrels away from her backyard birdfeeders. She is the daughter of Peruvian immigrants and hails from New Jersey.

Medieval Studies
Fields of Interest: 
environmental history, Medieval Iberia, early colonial Latin America, pre-modern agriculture