Beata Fylkner

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Beata is a sophomore in Berkeley College pursuing a double major in Political Science and Global Affairs. Her interests lie at the intersection of comparative politics and political philosophy and include topics such as institutional and democratic reform and comparative democratization. She is particularly interested in the role of democratic norms, trust and legitimacy, and interactions between formal and informal institutions.

At Yale, she conducts qualitative and experimental research together with the Institution for Social and Policy Studies’s Democratic Innovations student research group, and organizes events together with the Yale Scandinavian Society. Originally from Sweden, she has a significant interest in the European Union, as well as in EU-Africa relations, and has conducted field research on participatory methods and governmental accountability for an humanitarian NGO. She is excited to explore new ways of doing democracy, especially in light of her generation’s declining faith in the regime type.

Political Science and Global Affairs / Berkeley College
Fields of Interest: 
Institutional reform, Democratic theory, State-building, European Union, EU-Africa relations