Audrey Zhong

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I am interested in the intersection of emerging AI technologies, security policies, and their impact on diplomatic relations in the evolving European geopolitical landscape. My senior thesis specifically explores the relationship between surveillance capitalism and the fashion industry, analyzing the aestheticization of resistance through the lens of surveillance technologies. Additionally, I am interested in the impact of AI policy on the security strategies of European nations in international relations. My broader academic interest lies in technology policy, diplomacy, and governance in the Eurasian region. Broadly, my academic interest encompasses technology policy, diplomacy, and governance in the Eurasian region, including the exploration of ethical and security challenges posed by rapid technological advancements. My academic journey aims to contribute to understanding the intricate relationship between technology, diplomacy, and regional cooperation in Eurasian Studies, aligning with the goals of the Undergraduate Fellows Network.

Political Science / Saybrook College
Fields of Interest: 
Surveillance capitalism, the aestheticization of resistance in the fashion industry (Senior thesis), AI Policy (France, UK)