Anna Tropnikova

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Ph.D. Graduate Student

Anna (Ania) is a doctoral student in Slavic Languages and Literatures and Film and Media Studies at Yale University.
She holds two Bachelors of Arts from The University of Chicago. Working in the negative spaces of media’s national narratives, Ania strives to expose issues of historical omission and ideological neglect in areas claimed by national conflicts of interest. At Yale, she’s endeavored to expand the spatial scope of Slavic studies, seeking to challenge Russia’s own Eurocentricism by interrogating the discourse around the contours of its national body. Her current publications include an upcoming work on imperial Russian animation’s posthumanist potentials and another in an edited volume on contemporary Russophone documentary, the latter centering on bodily and female resistance to regime in Ukraine and Russia.

Her artistic practice and commissions don’t ever let her stray too far from an allegiance to formal analysis – most recently, her animation was featured in Counterclock, a literary arts journal.

Slavic Languages and Literatures; Film and Media Studies
Fields of Interest: 
Film and Animation, Eastern Europe and Eurasia