Andrei Kureichyk

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Henry Hart Rice Associate Research Scholar and Lecturer

Andrei Kureichik, a Belarusian dissident and writer in exile known for his opposition to the authoritarian regime in Belarus, will be engaging in a dialogue and discourse centered around Ales Bialiatsky, a prominent Belarusian political prisoner and recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize 2022. Bialiatsky is currently being detained by the regime of President Lukashenko in a facility with the highest levels of security. In many nations, the defense of human rights transcends mere activism and instead presents a formidable obstacle to the oppressive machinery of the totalitarian regime. Belarus and Russia serve as illustrative instances. In this discussion, the focus will be on individuals who actively advocate for the protection and promotion of human rights. This discussion pertains to the establishment of the human rights center “Viasna” in Belarus by Ales Bialiatsky, as well as the human rights society “Memorial” in Russia, which has also been recognized with a Nobel Prize 2022.

MacMillan Center, European Studies Council; REEES Program