Enduring Utopia: Eastern Europe in Video Games

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Thursday, December 3, 2020 - 3:30pm to 5:00pm
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Daniil Leiderman, Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University
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The first colloquium in the REEES Emerging Voices Virtual Colloquium series featuring Daniil Leiderman, Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University, on “Enduring Utopia: Eastern Europe in Video Games” The colloquium is hosted by Marijeta Bozovic, Assistant Professor of Slavic Languages & Literatures; Film and Media Studies; Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies, Yale University
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Daniil M. Leiderman teaches Art History and Games Studies at the Department of Visualization at Texas A&M University. In 2016, Daniil defended a PhD dissertation entitled: Moscow Conceptualism and “Shimmering”: Authority, Anarchism, and Space at the Department of Art & Archaeology in Princeton University. The project investigates the Moscow Conceptualists, a circle of experimental artists and writers that emerged in Moscow’s unofficial artistic scene in the early 1970s in the context of nonconformism, tracing their development of the critical strategy called “shimmering” and its relationship to contemporary Post-Soviet and Post-Crimean artistic resistance. Most recently, Daniil has been working on a book under contract with Amherst College Press, on the representation of utopian and dystopian projects through images of Eastern Europe in contemporary video games.

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