2019 Conference: Europe in Flux

Call for Abstracts/Papers

The European Studies Council of The MacMillan Center invites proposals for its inaugural Graduate Fellows Conference, “Europe in Flux,” to take place on December 6th and 7th, 2019 at Yale University.

This conference will bring together graduate students from across disciplines - political science, cultural studies, history, environmental studies, economics - to discuss the most pressing challenges facing Europe today. Paper proposals are welcome for the following panels:

I. Growing European Economic Challenges

Chair: Ryan Nabil (MA Candidate, Jackson Institute for Global Affairs, Yale University)

Despite the recent economic growth, Europe faces considerable economic challenges. Against the backdrop of a volatile global economy, the European Union faces the challenges of ongoing Brexit negotiations, growing north-south economic divide, and Italy’s protracted economic difficulties. This panel will discuss the understand the current challenges that European economies face, and solutions that policymakers can implement to address those challenges. 

ii. Environmental Transitions in Europe and Russia: Public Discourse, Social Movements, and Policies

Chair: Elena Adasheva-Klein (PhD Candidate, Department of Anthropology, Yale University)

The European environmental discourse and policies have transformed dramatically over the past three decades. Depending on the immediate ecological issues and socio-economic conditions, current national concerns about environment vary across Europe, including the costal and circumpolar regions and post-socialist states. Environmental programs and debates shape European life on various scales, from the local practical measures around energy conservation and recycling to the pan-European paradigms of ecological modernization and sustainable development. This panel invites interdisciplinary analysis of continuous environmental transitions in Europe and Russia.

III. Fault lines in European and Eurasian Security

Chair: Sarah Holzworth (MA, European and Russian Studies, Yale University)

This panel will explore the limitations of the existing security architecture in Europe and Eurasia, changes to the security environment, the developing perceptions of security threats by different European states, along with the opportunities and challenges these transformations entail. Interdisciplinary and innovative approaches are welcome to meet the dynamic and multidimensional nature of this topic.

iv. defining culture in eastern europe: production and destruction in putin’s russia

Chair: Ana Berdinskikh (PhD Candidate, Slavic Languages and Literatures, Yale University)

In a period of economic and political instability brought about by the 2012 elections, the war in Ukraine, and the devaluation of the ruble, Russia is again in a moment of social and cultural transition. This panel will examine how areas of cultural production, such as theater, literature and film, reflect the current situation in Putin’s Russia. 

V. Shifting Lines: Migration in Europe Today

Chair: Rachel Farell (PhD Candidate, Anthropology, Yale University)

This panel will address the wide-reaching implications of migration in Europe in the current political climate. From Brexit to the Syrian refugee crisis, migration has become a pressing legal, political and cultural question across Europe. This panel welcomes both interdisciplinary and targeted studies that address these issues. 

Applications are open to graduate students of Yale University, other universities in the North-East region of the United States, and member institutions of The International Alliance of Research Universities. To apply, please email european.studies@yale.edu with a title and abstract (200 words or fewer). Submissions  will be accepted until Friday, October 4. Earlier submissions are encouraged. Please also indicate your department/program and year in graduate school. We will  begin notifying applicants of their status by the end of September until Wednesday, October 11. Papers/chapters for the conference presentation should be approximately 3,000 to 5,000 words and due by Thursday, October 31. There is some flexibility with the number of words for papers/chapters. We are planning to publish a journal of the papers after the conference.

Please feel free to forward this call for papers. We are especially excited to collaborate and welcome proposals from graduate students from the University of Copenhagen and other member institutions of The International Alliance of Research Universities.