Tyler Brown, Political Science and Comparative Literature

Tyler Brown's picture
Grace Hopper College, 2023

Tyler is a sophomore in Grace Hopper studying political science and comparative literature. He is interested in European intellectual history, particularly as it applies to Russian and French society. Outside of class, he is the Floor Leader of the Left of the Yale Political Union and a proud member of the Progressive Party. He loves hearing the wide range of perspectives within the Union and getting to know people from different political backgrounds. Tyler also loves to read Russian, French, and Argentinian literature and compare them all across time and space. He speaks Spanish and French and is currently learning Russian. He also works in the linguistics department’s Blackfoot lab and is about to take on a new position doing data analysis with the Child Study Center at Yale. During COVID, he started running and cooking vegetarian Russian food.

Fields of Interest: 
Political philosophy and comparative politics with an emphasis on Russian and French intellectual and social history