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Miklós Veszprémi (2016) is a PhD candidate in music theory. His dissertation is on “double function form” works, in which musical form unfolds on multiple, mutually exclusive hierarchical levels simultaneously. It asks how mid nineteenth-century listeners perceived such forms, and focuses on the reception and international dissemination of Franz Liszt’s Second Piano Concerto. A secondary interest concerns historical discourses pertaining to the origin of music. Miklós has presented his research at national and international conferences, including at the Jahreskongress der Gesellschaft für Musiktheorie (2018) and the American Musicological Society (November 2019). Two of his articles are currently in press, due to appear in the Dmitri Shostakovich Journal, 51 (2020) and Kontrapunkt – ewiggestrig oder unerlässlich?, e.g Florian Edler et al. (2021).

Originally from Barcelona, Miklós grew up in Basel, where undertook extensive archival studies of Elliott Carter’s, György Ligeti’s and Igor Stravinsky’s music at the Paul Sacher-Stiftung. Parallel to his studies in music theory, he has been active as a concert pianist and composer, notably touring China twice. He graduated from the Royal College of Music, London with a First Class Honours Bachelor of Music in 2016. Outside of music, Miklós is engaged in environmental law and climate change activism.

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