Marion Gehlker

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Senior Lector II in German
+1 (203) 432-8106


  • Yale Advanced German Courses Coordinator, Yale German Study Abroad Coordinator
  • 2001-2012 Language Program Director, Dept. of Germanic Lang. & Lit., Yale University

Current Projects and Teaching Assignments:

  • Didacticization of Alina Bronsky’s novel Scherbenpark (2004) for Intermediate German, third text in a series published by Yale University Press.
  • Teaches Advanced German, Contemporary German Culture, German Culture and History in Text and Film, German for Reading Knowledge for Research.
  • Enrichment of the cultural program for all language classes through extra-curricular activities.

Selected Recent Academic Awards and Achievements:

  • Stipend to attend AAUSC/CERLL Summer Workshop “Implementing Literacy-based Instruction in Collegiate FL Programs”, Summer 2012, Tuscon, Az.
  • Publication Grant, Frederick W. Hilles Publication Fund, Whitney Humanities Center, Yale University, Fall 2007.

Latest Publications:

  • Annotated Reader for Caroline Link’s filmbook Jenseits der Stille. Yale University Press, Fall 2010, with Birte Christ, University of Gieβen.
  • Annotated Reader for Barbara Honigmann’s novel Eine Liebe aus nichts. Yale University Press, Fall 2008, with Birte Christ, Universities of Tübingen und Bonn.
  • Literatur und Kultur I and II (readers/textbooks for Intermediate German I and II, published online by

Latest Papers and Presentations:

  • “Türkisch für Anfänger in Intermediate German”, ACTFL, Philadelphia, November 2012.
  • “Inter-Institutional / Inter-Disciplinary Teaching Modules,” CLS, Yale University, August 2011.
  • “German Culture and History in Text and Film from 1871 to the Present: A Content-Based Advanced German Studies Class,” MLA, Los Angeles, January 2011.
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Yale Advanced German Courses Coordinator, Yale German Study Abroad Coordinator
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