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PhD Candidate

Lindsay Stern is is a student in Comparative Literature at Yale, where she is a Franke Fellow and second-year PhD candidate working in German, Spanish, and Ancient Greek and focusing on Wittgenstein, Kafka, and the philosophy of science. Her critical engagement with literature began in earnest during her undergraduate years at Amherst College, where she majored in English and analytic philosophy. It continued the following year, when she received a Thomas J. Watson Fellowship to write a novel and teach philosophy for a semester at the COLT school for undergraduates in Phnom Penh. Her passion for the intersection of philosophy and literature inspired her novel about an epistemologist’s marriage to a biolinguist, THE STUDY OF ANIMAL LANGUAGES, forthcoming from Viking/Penguin.

In her dissertation, tentatively titled PLATO’S FINCH, she plans to explore Kafka’s literary solutions to what W. V. Quine called “paradoxes of untranslatability,” and to investigate whether those paradoxes afflict contemporary research on birdsong. During her year and a half at Yale so far, she has received a DAAD Fellowship, a FLAS Fellowship, and a Max Kade Fellowship to pursue her research.

Comparative Literature
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