Liliya Dashevski

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Ph.D Student

Liliya Dashevski is a Graduate student in the department of Slavic Languages and Literatures. She received her M.A in the History of Art department in the University of Haifa, Israel, where she wrote her thesis on Mikhail Vrubel’s art. She is currently interested in two projects: Russia’s childhood material culture of the 19th century, and Russian speaking culture in Israel. For her first project, she hopes to study the history of Russia’s toys, dolls, board games, with a focus on such themes as the intersection of empire and technology in children’s toys.

Her second project is dedicated to Russian culture among contemporary Russian-speaking Israelis, and explores such subjects as Russian translations to Hebrew, Israeli theatrical adaptations of Russian literature, and art and literature produced by ex-Soviets in Israel.

Slavic Languages and Literatures
Fields of Interest: 
Russia, Ex-Soviet immigrants in Israel, Émigré culture, art history, literature, childhood studies, material culture