Julia Hontaruk-Levko, Political Science, Sociology

Julia Hontaruk-Levko's picture
Branford College, 2023

Julia is a sophomore in Branford College from Cleveland, Ohio. In studying Political Science and Sociology, she is interested in exploring the many interactions between the EU, Eastern Europe, and North Africa. Julia is a Team Leader for the Lowenstein Project at Yale Law School, whose team is currently working with 2020 World Fellow Mauro Mondello in exploring EU migration policies, with particular attention paid to Calais, France; Moria, Greece; and Lampedusa, Italy. She is on the leadership teams of Matriculate at Yale and Students and Alumni of Yale, works as a Branford Aide, and is a member of the Yale Slavic Chorus. In her free time, Julia is fascinated by the stories of women in government and loves to cook new recipes from all over the world.

Fields of Interest: 
Politics and Society (EU, Eastern Europe, North Africa)