David Jia-Lung Tsai, B.A./M.A. in East-Asian Studies

David Jia-Lung Tsai's picture
Pierson College, 2024

My name is David and I’m a sophomore in Pierson College. My interest in European Studies includes the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and US/EU military engagement in sub-Saharan Africa. Two classes at Yale – Dr. Andrea Aldrich’s ‘Legacies of Communism and Conflict in Eastern Europe,’ and Dr. Katja Lindskog’s ‘Epic in the European Literary Tradition’ – have been fundamental in shaping my perspective on the region. I’ve interned at the Permanent Mission of Rwanda to the United Nations in New York, served as a research assistant for the Environmental Law Institute in Geneva, Switzerland, and am now working for Professor Steven Wilkinson, Director of the MacMillan Center at Yale, in preparation for his forthcoming book titled, ‘War and Political Change.’

East-Asian Studies
Fields of Interest: 
Genocide studies, South-East Asia