Cary Beehler

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Cary is a master’s student in European and Russian Studies at Yale. She is from Bethesda, Maryland and completed her undergraduate studies at Colby College, double majoring in Russian Language and Philosophy. 

At Yale, Cary hopes to undertake research on the relationship between nationalism and feminism in Post-Soviet states, focusing on the period of early independence. She is eager to explore the opposition faced by feminist movements as newly independent states emerged, and the ways representations of women, especially in the context of the church, were used to support a nationalist narrative. Cary is also interested in the politics of memory, transitional justice, and the intersection between philosophy and Russian literature. 

She has spent time teaching English in Saint Petersburg and Paris, developing both Russian and French language proficiency. 

2nd Year, European & Russian Studies
Fields of Interest: 
Concentration: Russian & Eastern Europe
Geography Focus: 
Eastern Europe
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