Anise Murseli, Ethics, Politics, and Economics

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Benjamin Franklin College, 2024

My name is Anise Murseli, and I am from Kosovo. I am a sophomore in Benjamin Franklin College, majoring in Ethics, Politics, and Economics. My research scope is concerned with stateless societies and their transition into formally organized structures. I study ancient customary sets of law in the Balkans within a framework of philosophy of law, behavioral game theory, and ethics. This also includes the evolution of feminism in Eastern Europe, from societies based on traditional canon laws, to immature socialist or capitalist arrangements. Moreover, I am interested in the Frankfurt School, Russian Avant-Garde, and Phenomenology. My freshman summer I interned at the most prominent NGO in Kosovo, Levizja FOL, and worked on projects against institutional corruption and supporting proper governance.

Fields of Interest: 
Frankfurt School, Russian Avant-Garde, Phenomenology, Eastern Europe History