How a Russian Fascist Is Meddling in America’s Election

September 23, 2016

This op-ed written by Timothy Snyder, the Bird White Housum Professor of History, and a member of the European Studies Council at the MacMillan Center, appeared in The New York Times on September 20

The president of Russia, Vladimir V. Putin, once described the collapse of the Soviet Union as a “geopolitical catastrophe.” But the political thinker who today has the most influence on Mr. Putin’s Russia is not Vladimir Lenin, the founder of the Communist system, but rather Ivan Ilyin, a prophet of Russian fascism.

The brilliant political philosopher has been dead for more than 60 years, but his ideas have found new life in post-Soviet Russia. After 1991, his books were republished with long print runs. President Putin began to cite him in his annual speech to the Federal Assembly, the Russian equivalent of the State of the Union address.


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